Marianna Køenová

Date and place of Birth: 1973, November 18th in Prague

Spanish, English, Serbian, Croatian,
German, Russian

Address: Prague 3, Baranova 4
Mobile: 420 777 135121
Email: marianna(at)

Casting Assistant for Cine-Jessy Casting Studio and Stand-In Casting for International Production Company:
”Solomon Kane” – dir. Michael Bassett
Stand-In Casting for International Production Company:
”Jumper” (Prague Reshoots) – dir. Doug Liman
3rd Assistant Director for North American Pictures:
”The Cycle” – dir. Michael Bafaro
Stand-In casting for Stillking Films:
”Wanted”– dir. Timur Bekmambetov
Extras Coordinator for Casting Studio Cine-Jessy:
”Svetla Pasaze” (Television Serial) – dir. Jaromir Polisensky
”Brothers Bloom” (Prague Shoots) – dir. Rian Johnson
Stand-in casting for International Production Company:
”Hostel: Part II” – dir. Eli Roth
”Psych 9” – dir. Andrew Shortell
Production Assistant for Inter tv, o.s.
Humanitarian Organization, Czech Republic
Assistant Director for Filmservice Productions:
„Bluetone“ (commercial) – dir. Jiri Hanych
Stand-ins coordinator for International Production Company:
„Hostel“ – dir. Eli Roth
Assistant Director for N.A.P.:
„The Prince and Me 2“ – dir. Catherine Cyrane
Stand-ins coordinator for Stillking Films:
„Aliens vs. Predators“ – dir. Paul Anderson
Casting Director of Extras for N.A.P.:
„Terrordactyl“ – dir. Mark Lester
3rd Assistant Director for N.A.P.:
„The Void“ – dir. John Curtis
Photodouble Casting for Cine Jessy:
„Lord of War“ - dir. Andrew Niccol
3rd Assistant Director for H3O Productions:
„Ripper 2“ – dir. Jonas Quastel
Stand-in for Partnership Films:
„Hellboy“ – dir. Gillermo del Toro
Stand-in for Reforma Film / Miramax:
„Brothers Grimm“ – dir. Terry Gilliam
Founded Stand-ins & Photo-doubles co. Shadows of Stars
Stand in for Stillking Films:
„Young Arthur“ – dir. Mikael Salomon
Stand-in for Milk and Honey Pictures:
„Children of Dune“ – dir. Greg Yaitanes
Stand-in for Etic:
„A Sound of Thunder“ – dir. Peter Hyams
Stand-in for Milk and Honey Pictures:
„The Whole Story of Anne Frank“ - dir. Robert Dornhelm
„Blade II.“ – dir. Guillermo Del Toro
Stand-in for Milk and Honey Pictures:
Frank Herbert´s „Dune“ – dir. John Harrison
Stand-in for Etic:
„A Knight´s Tale“ – dir. Brian Helgeland
Stand-in for N.A.P.:
„Forgotten Kingdom“ “ – dir. L. Simandl
3rd Assistant Director for N.A.P.:
„Ariana´s Quest“ – dir. L. Simandl
Casting and extras coordinator for N.A.P.:
„Omega Force“ – dir. L. Simandl
Stand-in for North American Pictures:
„Ring of Fire“ – dir. Lloyd Simandl
„The Prey“ – dir. Lloyd Simandl
„Crackerjack III“ – dir. Lloyd Simandl
„The Brotherhood“ – dir. Lloyd Simandl
Graduated as Interior Designer
Studied at Prague’s Textil Interior Design
Extras coordinator on following feature films for Cine-Jessy:
„König für letzen Tage“ – dir. Tom Toelle
„Giorgino“- dir. Laurent Boutonant
„Underground“ – dir. Emir Kusturica
„Mutters Courage“ – dir. Michael Verhoeven
„Le Sourir du Clown“ – dir. Eric Besnard
„Princesse Rebelle“ – dir. Albert Didier
„L´Amour en sursis“ – dir. Maurice Frydland
„Enter the Phoenix“ – dir. Yen Corie
„Harrison´s Flowers“ – dir. Elie Chouraqui
Employed as assistant at casting studio Cine-Jessy
Studied at High School of Typography in Prague