Curriculum vitae

Mgr. Jessica Horváthová


Date, and place of Birth: July 22nd 1946 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.




Art and Industry High school in Brno, Czech Republic (specializing in Photography)

Further Education:


Film Academy in Prague (FAMU), specializing in Camera, (1970 graduated as Director of Photography)

Student Films:


“Rondo” directed by Lordan Zafranovic
“The Cleaning Lady” directed by Lordan Zafranovic

Graduate Film:


“A Physical Life of miss Mary” directed by Zdenek Zaoral

Narritive Film:


“Indian Summer” directed by Rudolf Ružicka in association with TV Brno, Czech Republic

Documentary Films:



„The Miracle“ directed by Helena Treštíková, awarded special price in the Lipsko Film Festival, Germany, and other documentaries produced by KF Praha a.s., Czech Republic
Right after the “Velvet Revolution“, in the year 1990, founded Mrs. Jessica Horváthová, M.A. an Acting Agency CINE-JESSY, representing all well know, and lesser know actors and actresses in the Czech and Slovak Republic. In the year 1995, was an Acting Agency transformed into a
Casting Studio CINE-JESSY s.r.o.
Casting studio CINE-JESSY s.r.o.
Na Pankráci 2
140 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic
Tel.: (420) 261 22 24 89

Casting studio CINE-JESSY s.r.o.
Uršulínska 9
811 01 Bratislava
Tel.: (421) 754 41 94 06


CINE-JESSY Film TV Productions Ltd.
7 Torriano Mews
London NW5 2RZ
United Kingdom