Marianna Křenová
Philip Lee Seeger

Jessica Horváthová


Date and place of Birth:

1973, November 18th in Prague

  Czech, Spanish, English, Serbian,
Croatian, German, Russian
  Studied at High School of Typography in Prague
  Employed as assistant at casting studio Cine-Jessy
  Studied Interior Design in Prague and graduated as Interior Designer
  Extras coordinator on feature films for Cine-Jessy
  Founded Shadows of Stars co.


High School:

Los Alamos High School, Los Alamos, New Mexico
· 1986 – 1990. GPA 3.4
· General Studies / Video and TV


· University of California at Santa Cruz
· Bachelor of Arts in Film/Theater
· Attended from 1990 to 1994 GPA 3.0

I was born on December 30, 1971, in Los Alamos, New Mexico After graduating from University I lived in various parts of the country working in everything from pizza to glass blowing, when I wasn’t working on films or television. I also have a lot of computer experience in my background, including Movie Magic Scheduling, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Lotus. I was given an opportunity to work in the Czech Republic in 1999. I have lived here for more than four years. Although not fluent, my Czech has been learned mostly on film sets and, I am told, is quite good for a foreigner.


Date, and place of Birth:
July 22nd 1946 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
Art and Industry High school in Brno, Czech Republic (specializing in Photography)
Further Education:
Film Academy in Prague (FAMU)
  Graduated as Director of Photography
  Founded Acting Agency Cine-Jessy
  Acting agency transformed into Casting Studio Cine-Jessy, s.r.o.
  Founded London branch of Cine-Jessy Ltd.